Image Description: A painting bathed in navy blue shadows and bright yellow light. Atop a high hill two musicians sit on adjacent rocks and play their songs with smiles, as high peaks rise and low forest valleys fall in the back. The musician on the left, cloaked in several loose layers with their curly dark hair tied under a headscarf, plucks at a string instrument. The musician on the right, hunched very forward with one leg slung over the other and an avian mask perched atop their head, sings as they hit their wood slit drum, taller than themself, with a belled stick. At their feet, an equine-like mount animal sits in the grass and listens in. End ID.

Improvisation (Duet)

for Menoyukh'al, Pluviôse CCXXX, gouache on paper.

I had nothing to do one afternoon and so I took out my paint supplies and proceeded to stare at the paper for 15 minutes because I had nothing in mind to actually paint. That evening this painting had grown from that blankness. Art is fun.

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