Image Description: A black-and-white pencil sketch of a herder, swathed in loose embroidered robes and fur shawls. They look to the side with a concentrated, slightly squinty look, hands on their hips, and boot stepping forward. They have tattooed lines down their cheeks and their long hair flows freely into the wind. Sash looped around one of the person's forearm and wound to the shawls and blankets that cover its back, a bovine animal with curling, decorated horns walks slightly ahead of them. The tall grass the two walk in crests up into a hill, which blends into the clouds of the sunny sky. End ID.

Untitled (Lead)

for Menoyukh'al, Frimaire CCXXX, pencil on paper.

Sketch from being observed by my 4 year old cousins. I also drew a hell of a lot of palm trees.

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