Image Description: A textured digital painting depicting humanized Hollow Knight characters. Wrapped in luxurious azure and blue robes, the White Lady -- a long-necked, long-limbed tree woman with a long, delicate face, from which many branches reach out up and around her -- closes her eyes and smiles softly down at a young Pure Vessel, who she holds with one hand as they are draped, almost about to fall, across her lap. Her other hand hangs limply from her wrist to touch her chest, near the top of her bodice, with her long, thin fingertips. The background is simplified into brown, grey, and cream, and depicts the spires of the White Palace rising from curling flowers and vines. End ID.

Our Pale Lady of the Long Neck

fanart for Hollow Knight, Prairial CCXXX, digital.

After Parmigianino.

Sorry for party rocking.

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