Image Description: A digital painting with minimal colors of deep grey-green, purple, and stark red. The horizon of the dreamlands stretches out, with spots of land amongst a red sea, while the mountains of reality stretch down from the sky, their peaks lowering into the smoke. On the far left of a darkened shore the silhouette of a mage stands, veins embedding from their chest to the red sea's horizon, leaning on their crook-staff with one hand and holding out a liver with the other. On the far right, a crooked tree leans its branches down. A distant red-orange sun shines a pillar of light down into the sea. End ID.

The Mage

for Menoyukh'al, Fructidor CCXXX, digital.

A more minimal chill time drawing. Partly inspired by the work of FĂ©lix Vallotton.

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