Image Description: A textured digital painting in low tenebrism, of humanized Hollow Knight characters. A group of people are gathered at a table covered in vials and tubes and, most importantly, a large contraption of glass and wood. The natural philosopher, Quirrel, manages a flame at the topmost glass sphere, where inside a tiny beetle is set alight in soul. Down the long tube on the bottom, dark void trickles down and accumulates at the bottom. On one side Monomon is carrying something out of frame, but she still turns to the experiment with a smile, and Lurien the Watcher in the foreground watches pensively with a hand on his chin. On the other side a young Hornet watches in awe and the Hollow Knight, despite their own best efforts, is engaged and interested, raising a tentative finger to the light. End ID.

A Philosopher Extracting Soul and Void from a Common Bug

fanart for Hollow Knight, Floréal CCXXX, digital.

After Joseph Wright of Derby.

This is just something loose to christen my new computer as I get used to it as a machine. Picture me hitting my little wine bottle against the shipside.

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