Image Description: Pokémon Legends Arceus art in the style of aged, black and white photographs. The first ‘photo’ depicts Adaman and Irida standing in a western-style office, likely Laventon’s, side by side. Adaman is a tall scruffy man, with his wavy greying hair pulled back, a sapanpe on his brow, and a short beard. He wears a vest over a dark chijiri robe embroidered in white curl-and-geometric designs. Irida is a short woman, her chin-length hair held under a matanpushi, wearing a middle-tone kaparamip robe with swirling designs in white appliques. A tamasay necklace of pearls and beads is looped around her neck.

The second photo shows all of the wardens crowded together inside of a cise. Palina is a tall woman with short chin-length hair curling out from under a matanpushi; she wears a light-appliqued kaparamip robe and has a bead necklace and snow goggles hanging from her neck. She discreetly holds the hand of Iscan, who wears a vest over a dark ruunpe robe with blocky appliques. Mai smiles with her arms crossed; she has a dark chijiri robe layered over another. Sitting on the floor in front of Mai is Sabi – who has on a dark robe and fur hat and gloves – and Calaba – who has beads around her neck and a light-colored attush robe. Next to Mai is Gaeric, who has chosen to go barechested, with his kaparamip wrapped around his waist by his sash. His hair is up in a pompadour, exposing his hoop earrings, and his beard is greying at either end of his chin; he smiles and puts his hands on his hips. Melli stands smiling with a hand laid over his chest; he has a very tall matanpushi but allows his hair to fall to his chest on either side framing his face; he wears a dark ruunpe robe with rectangular and thorny white appliques. Arezu smiles laxly from next to Melli, her hair curling from her matanpushi onto her cheeks. In front of her is Lian in his cowboy hat, his attush robe appliqued with dark thorny swirls, a strap reaching around his chest and a saranip pouch hanging from a shoulder. Resting a hand on Lian’s shoulders is Ingo, who wears a modern western-style dark coat, pants (which are tucked into white gaiters), pokéball belt, and conductor’s hat over a pale kaparamip. He looks sullenly into the camera, his white muttonchops growing into a full beard. All the adult women have lip and hand tattoos. End ID.

From the Archives of Professor Soham Laventon (1831-1902)

fanart for Pokémon, Fructidor CCXXX, digital.

There's a lot of issues about Pokémon: Legends Arceus, but obviously the worst of it is how the clothes aren't historically inaccurate enough for my taste. Duh.

Anyways typing this out, it really is a supremely Newt Surname move to redesign characters for a game I haven't even played because it's itching at me. Thank my partner. (Love you, bestie.)

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