Image Description: Digital art with a dark indigo background and otherwise orange tones. Slava, a light-skinned man with a long face, small moustache, a few moles, and short black hair smiles slightly at the camera. With one hand he delicately tilts a bubbling cocktail glass, and with the other he cradles his elbow and holds a burning cigarette. He wears formal evening clothes, which are stylized with geometric, Klimt-esque patterns of ovals, rectangles, and triangles. Shining gold accents with art deco decorative elements frame the back of Slava's head like a square halo, his glass, his cigarette, his collar bar, and around the entire picture. End ID.


for Neontopia, Brumaire CCXXX, digital

I've only written one scene with this fellow, Slava, in it so far, but he's just so damn fun to write I had to draw him. I had a lot of fun with the more decorative elements in this picture, so don't be surprised if you see me doing them a bunch in the near future, hah!

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