Image Description: A bust of Ulysses Stephens. He is a black cowboy with a strong jaw but with blunted edges, his skin mottled by freckles. He has short curly hair that is longest at the top, protruding a bit forward, and is beginning to lose colors at his temple before it comes down in sideburns to his jaw. He has very bushy eyebrows, but one is split by the long, wispy scar that runs down the entirety of the left side of his face. He has a firm look on his face and gazes resolutely forward with a frown. He wears a red bandanna looped around his neck, a fur collar vest, and a white hat that rests down at the back of his neck (the thread keeping it up onto his shoulders.) The background is cyan. End ID.


Original character work, Germinal CCXXX, digital.

Drawn as an example for a commission sheet, but it looks nice as is. I always like drawing Stephens. He's like a brother to me, if I had a brother who was a fictional cowboy and also I came up with him in the first place.

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