Image Description: A close view of the top of a wooden desk, with various objects sitting atop it, all drenched in the low red light from a single candle against the darkness. Almost touching the dripping wax is a severed hand. Angled closer to the viewer is a bottle filled with liquid; floating in the liquid is a curled up fetus-like homunculus. Next to the bottle is a full chalice. On the other side of the candle next to it is a potted plant. In front of the plant, its glass shining against the candlelight, is a large cylindrical jar, tipped over and spilling its contents across the desk: severed eyeballs and thin liquid. At the corner of the painting is a dead rat king, rats splayed out limp next to each other with their tails all knotted together. End ID.

Still Life of a Philosopher's Desk

Thermidor CCXXX, gouache & acrylic on canvas.

Not the best picture, my apologies, but I don't have a method of taking a clearer one at the moment.

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