Image Description: Toony art of twin brothers Emmet and Ingo. They are identical, with the same face, nose, white eyes, and grey hair with cheek-covering muttonchops, and they also wear the same train conductor uniform -- but there are some key differences. Emmet has a wide smile and wears white; Ingo is deeply frowning and wears black. Squares with an art deco diamond pattern within are behind them, with lines indicating the motion with which they enthusiastically point with one hand (pulling down the brim of their hats with the other) and kick their legs forward. The background is a burnt red-orange. End ID.

Subway Twins

fanart for Pokémon, Floréal CCXXX, digital.

As someone who has not kept up with Pokémon since the Black and White games, I appreciate the resurgence that these two are having. (The fact that they had any fans at all is inherently funny, with how little they objectively show up, but as characters in concept they are pretty fun.)

This picture is modified from a charm design made for a friend and I. The charm will likely not be for wider sale as it is meant to be a fun matching trinket between the two of us.

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