Image Description: Standing on a bloodied, curved plane is Nuluqae -- wide-eyed, staring into the viewer, gripping a stylized harpoon in one hand and their loop of beads in the other. Behind them is a large spine, and behind that swims the stomach of a spotted seal, with a myriad of pairs of arms reaching and grasping out from the seals sides at harpoons and the stretching veins that make up the background. Cascading from the top of the image is foamy waves of water, flowing around a small oval-shaped scene of an infinite sea horizon, with a sailship atop the water. End ID.

The Willful Travellers

for Menoyukh'al, Vendémiaire CCXXX, digital.

Whew! Digging this up to put on here in the year CCXXXI. I lost it for a while for no good reason. It's mere conceptualizing for a novel that I am still working on, a year later.

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