Image Description: The 21st major arcana tarot card, The World, as the Hatchling within the Eye of the Universe. They are at the very edge of the Eye’s tapering, swirling rock, bathed in blue and purple, taking the final step before the leap into the swirling vortex of the Eye itself. Their pose is loose-limbed and ethereal, and they look at the viewer, though their face is hidden within the glare of their helmet. Around them, dot-constellations representing the stars of the universe surround them like an ouroboros. End ID.

The World

fanart for Outer Wilds, Fructidor CCXXX, digital.

My piece for the Traveler's Encore fanzine! In the most predictable move possible, it's tarot-themed.

I originally was going to have a play on both the Fool and the World but decided against it on the grounds of that it would be a pain to look at, and the World already had a cyclical motif, and the naïveté of the Fool wouldn't fit.

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