Image Description: Artwork mimicking an old woodblock print. Tarach Yasaqtann is a brown person with an aquiline nose, eyes pressed shut in both concentration and meditation, and pursed lips; his black curly hair is tied back and he wears an orange scarf with a cloud patter, a white tunic with green striped trim, shoulder-pads holding up a fur cape, with hands wrapped in black fabric. With one hand he holds the end of his spear, plunging it down into an upwardly rushing font of blood. The waves of blood spurt out like ocean water on either side of him. With his other hand he holds up two fingers. Two slightly overlapping yellow circles hover behind his head and behind his free hand. The border of the image is lined with centipedes and fangs, and in the upper right corner his name is spelled out. End ID.

Tarach Yasaqtann Slays a Qala

for Menoyukh'al, Vendémiaire CCXXX, digital.

On the fifth day, Tarach Yasaqtann sat down beside the qala. With him having injured it, it could move no more; and so he sat by it most patiently. He sat by it, and he scraped -- he scraped skin - what skin was left - off the flesh, and flesh off the bone, and into the bone he dug out marrow, crystal, white-hot dreams. He scraped 'til the qala was no more, and he stood, and prayed to all the gods of the dream and the soil and sky, and only then did the qala, at last, die.

From a project that never came to fruition!

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