Image description: Two tarot cards in limited shades of blue, grey, and blood red. The Strength card depicts Ludwig the Holy Blade hunched over and digging his greatsword - red as the full moon above - into the earth, his uniform stained in blood, black hair falling over his half-scarred face as one eye opens wide. He wraps his other hand around the bent-low profile of his horse, who matches with him in color and bears 3 wide open eyes. In the back the spires of Yharnam rise up into a starry night sky.

The Temperance card depicts Laurence the First Vicar, standing straight in a gothic archway and facing the viewer as he mixes blood in two golden chalices. His face is gaunt, his eyes hidden by his spectacles, and his hair falls flat down either side of his thin cheeks and behind him in a queue. His left hand and arm are soaked with blood. Rays of light emit from the area around his head, and Yharnam under a blood-red sky can be seen in the distance. End ID.

Yharnamite Haruspicy

fanart for Bloodborne, Prairial CCXXX, digital.

Kind of addicted to drawing these little things.

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