Image Description: A portrait in bronze, teal, and blue of a humanized Quirrel. He's a proudly and firmly standing young brown man with short black hair tied back into a deep blue headscarf. His deep brown eyes stare directly at the viewer, and his mouth is quirked into the slightest smile. He's wearing a high collar tucked into a white cravat, pinned by jewelry made of a pillbug's shell, and over that is a heavy and loose greatcoat with a multiple-segmented capelet draping over his shoulders and chest. His hands are gloved up like he's been working, one rests confident on his hip and the other drapes across the top of an Archives information tablet. In the background grows flowers and high branching trees, and rises the domes of the Archive. End ID.

Portrait of a Young Scholar

fanart for Hollow Knight, Thermidor CCXXX, digital.

After Agnolo Bronzino.

I just wanted to draw a face a little more realistically than usual, to be honest. He's off model but I had fun.

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