Image Description: Humanized Hollow Knight fanart in sketchy shades of sky blue-cyan and orange-red, showing before the fall of Hallownest as Quirrel, kneeling clad in a segmented overcoat, and a young Hornet, head wrapped under a double-horned hennin, out by some dead trees. Hornet has reached out and snatched a large cricket right out of Quirrel's gloved hand, right before he was going to put it in a jar, making him cry out in shock and her smile wide in glee. End ID.

Image Description: A greyscale sketch comic direct continuation of the previous image, Hornet pops the cricket into her mouth and chews on it, while Quirrel stares at her in shock. He sweats and smiles nervously, glancing at the tree they're by, and asks: "Is it good?" (As he is thinking about trying it.) Hornet looks at him and replies "Yea." casually. End ID.

Image Description: Another mini-comic: after the fall of Hallownest, a mask-bearing Quirrel walks next to the Knight, who has bent down to reach for something in the grass. He asks: "Ah, fellow traveller, have you found something interesting?" The Knight stands back up and, pinching it in their fingers, puts a bug directly into the literal-hollow of one of their vessel-eyes. Quirrel smiles with pinched cheeks down at them, humming loudly and asking: "Is it good?..." while his inner thoughts gape, appalled. End ID.

Weirder Kids

fanart for Hollow Knight; NivĂ´se CCXXXI, digital.

Even more sillies and cooldown sketches. Regarding the first image, I hadn't tried that kind of rendering style, or what have you, in a while. So that was a fun dip.

Fanart has been occupying space in my brain for a bit even though I want to be working on my own stuff (and have been), so this is me sort of spitting it out. We have fun!

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