Image Description: A warm-toned daytime scene in slightly-gradiented flats and simple thin lines of a courtyard, its ragged-stone path surrounded by growing grass, flowering bushes, and framed by a high palm on one side and two tall cypresses on the right. Cutting thru the viewer's line of sight is a light-stone arcade with a teracotta roof. Beyond that can be seen the clear blue sky, birds flying high, and distant domed spires and buildings. End ID.

A Courtyard in Adravezia

for Adravezia; NivĂ´se CCXXXI, digital.

A very quick and simple background just for practice, since I don't do figure-absent backgrounds very often, and also because I need a general stock background for mockups and things I have going with regards to on and off work for this story.

A bit of a detour here, but I've noticed that when it comes to said figure-absent backgrounds, I tend to put them down more because I do them less and thus find more flaw in them, at least to my eye. But the thing is, the only way to stop doing them less is to... do them more. So here we are. I find myself nitpicking this even though it's meant to be simple, but I did draw it.

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