Image description: A spoof of the Django (1966) film poster but with Trigun. The poster is white with a box in the upper portion, with a scene inside it. On the left side of the box is a shoulders-up of Vash, silhouetted in light, looking to his side with a focused frown on his face. He holds up his gun until it is pointed up, finger on the trigger. Behind him, cast in the burnt reds and oranges of the desert sands, is a fight scene; Wolfwood and Vash stand back to back, fierce, with their guns out, and their foes fall around them.

Underneath is the title in big blocky red letters: TRIGUN. On the left under the title are the names of two of the stars, Vash the Stampede & Nicholas D. Wolfwood. On the right it reads: Un film di Yasuhiro Nightow; eastmancolor, widescreen. End ID.

Love Will Live On

fanart for Trigun, Messidor CCXXXI, digital.

Maybe I'm being a little dorky with this one.

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