Image Description: Digital art in washed-out browns and turquoises. Against a large frame, its top arch extending off the image, with overlapping images of tilting impossible architectural beams and linear-leaved flowers, stand father & son Meriwether. The two of them directly face the camera with similar thousand-yard stares, both clad in traditional white doctor's garb -- though their aprons, and their hands, are splattered with shockingly red blood. The father has a hand on the shoulder of his son, staining the white fabric, while the son, headband of blood-red wrapped around his forehead, has his hands stiff and fingers akimbo against the front of his bloodied apron. End ID.

Father & Son

for L'Ecchiraz; Ventôse CCXXXI, digital.

The story that these two are from has been floating in my head for a good while, but is only just now beginning to subsume out of my sketchbook. Everyone say hi!

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