Image description: A digital illustration in bright reds, deep purples, and sickly desaturated blue-greens, halved into two panels, with Kaneda and Tetsuo from Akira in one each. In Kaneda's side, he cries out, an angry look on his half-shadowed face, his limbs all akimbo as he holds the lazer gun. In Tetsuo's side, he also cries out, veins popping in his forehead and sweat pouring down his cheeks, raising a tense arm, fingers curled and splayed, as uncontrollable energy whirls around him from his head. The lines of Kaneda's gun and Tetsuo's twirling cape form a harsh triangle and split their respective panels down in diagonals. End ID.

Fratricide Diptych

fanart for Akira, Messidor CCXXXI, digital.

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