Image description: Digital art in limited colors (black, red, and dark yellow) and textured as if it were a partially-faded print of Meryl, Milly, Vash, and Wolfwood from Trigun standing besides each other. They're rendered stylistically with toony forms and flowing lines that often end in stylistic curls. Meryl gives a tight press of her lip as she looks up at Vash, Milly smiles with her eyes closed, Vash levels the viewer with a silly smile with a hand on his hip, Wolfwood smokes as he glances over at Vash, holding the Punisher with one hand. Both Meryl and Vash aim finger-guns. In swirling letters around them is written: LOVE & PEACE! End ID.

Four Guns

fanart for Trigun, Prairial CCXXXI, digital.

More simple things so I don't aggravate my hand and finger joints too much in the midst of this rather long and bad flare-up I've been having, but also so I won't lose my mind.

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