Image Description: An icon, not unlike a Byzantine one, of the Pale King with some attendants. The Pale King is the most prominent figure against the shining gold background, his gleam composing a long neck wrapped in cloth, and a face not unlike a man’s -- long, thin-nosed, with a neutral frown and almond eyes -- and his crown rising out of circle pearls and teardrops in four mouth-hooks. With four of his hands he holds a black egg.

His attendants wear grey escoffions and are also wrapped in shapeless pale robes -- though theirs have the more subtle colors of mortality. One attendant holds up the King’s robe, and the other two carry the soon-to-be Pure Vessel’s helmet and their sword. Wrapping around the image is an arched border, with decorations of geometry, curling trees, and insect’s wings in gold, emerald, and ruby. End ID.

King-worm, Wonders-granter

fanart for Hollow Knight, Frimaire CCXXXI, digital.

The things that not wanting to do something will do to your ability to do something else.

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