Image Description: A mimic manuscript page, with a scene framed by curling flowers and leaves in green, deep blue, and burnt orange. The scene within depicts the seal Mnoth'ya, their human form halfway wrapped in their sealskin, receiving a pearl from the bird-god Balamtak, whose long neck curls across the scene, their red-tipped wings and tail curling outside of the scene and into the frame. The grass that Mnoth'ya lays upon rises into lavender-red stone, topped with white-flower branches and wind-bent trees, and behind the stone can be seen the horizon of the sea and the golden sun hanging in a burgundy sky. End ID.

Mnoth'ya Receives the Pearl of Song

for Menoyukh'al, Frimaire CCXXXI, digital.

From an Abisekhet book of illustrations and tales. As the Abisekhet language traditionally has no written form, so books are rare, but those that are present are most often made for the sake of beauty or as a visual reference. This tale told is not Abisekhet but of one of their neighbors -- more aquatic ones.

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