Image Description: A digital painting in low, looming browns and dark, sickly greens. Wide eyed and face starkly lit, Pava -- a long-nosed many-mole’d man with a permanent deep frown and chin-length wavy hair, frame tucked into his high-waisted robes with a knotted, embroidered cravat -- scrunches his face in fury and concentration; in one hand he grips the hilt of a blood-stained knife, holding it out high and vertical, in the other he holds the incredibly long, twining hair of the murdered, who is but a silhouette. The background is rich with Adravetic alchemical imagery, including a whirlpool of the six elements: fire (being praised by kneeling people in a forest), air (being blown by a long-haired figure), wood (clutched by a long-necked bird-person), flesh (of twining muscled arms), water (of a crashing, curling wave), and stone being covered by Pava's person. Also present is a long-necked chimeric creature perched atop the orbs of an alchemical diagram, long-toothed jaws wide and biting eagerly into a brilliant sun in its place on the mountainous horizon, whose visage lines up with where Pava holds his knife. End ID.

A Murder Most Foul

for L'Ecchiraz, Vendémiaire CCXXXI, digital.

Uh oh! Don't worry, he's probably justified.

And here's a timelapse too, since I remembered that the Clip Studio timelapse function exists. Warning for very light flashing, since it's color changes and such going quickly.

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