Image Description: A scene on a stage, framed on the top and bottom by wooden frames, a peering eye looking down from the top and a crawling centipede on the bottom frame. In front of pulled back deep red, embroidered-gold curtains dances 3 people. Two are actors in their costumes: painted-white surreal masks, skin-tight black cloth with baggy pale pants, green-yellow sashes dyed with diamond-esque petals wrapped and flowing around their twining arms. Between the two actors is the playwright Nílutai, pulled along by their dancing. Nílutai dances in profile, features elegant and long; they have unusually pale skin and long, wavy black hair that flows behind them in a low ponytail; they wear a pale baggy shirt under a brown vest, a green-yellow cloth with a centipede pattern wrapped around their left shoulder and tucked into their wide belt, from which a row of beads spill, and their dancing legs are hidden underneath flowing, patterned cloth. Their one almond-eye peers at the viewer. Behind the curtains, a surreal, flowing mass of jungle trees rises up under a lime-yellow sun that hovers over Nílutai's head. End ID.

O Grandmaster of the Stage, in All of Your Wisdom

for Menoyukh'al, Brumaire CCXXXI, digital.

Just a little thing between larger working-on's.

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