Image Description: A digital painting of a person from the shoulders up. They have brown skin, a long round-chinned face with pockmarked cheeks that is centered by a large acquiline nose and thick unibrow. Their greying black wavy hair is pulled back into a high bun, but still falls around their forehead and cheeks loosely. Jewelry adorns their fingers and ear, with a chain extending from their large curling earring to a ring in their nostril. They have on a high collared tunic, stylized to show a scene with dark blue mountains, trees punctuated with rows of dots, and curly yellow clouds in a green sky. They look at the viewer neutrally as they set their fingers in odd curls on the strings of their instrument. In the background, there is a hunting scene of 3 archers surrounding a large horned creature, in streaks of paint and rows of dots. End ID.

Portrait of a Juger-falt Musician

for Menoyukh'al, Vendémiaire CCXXXI, digital.

A very quick painting testing out Rebelle Pro, which I bought during a sale, which as of typing this is ongoing. A normally 150 USD program for 10 USD? An absolute steal!

Also, I didn't notice at first, but they somewhat look like Amat Yaqschi. Maybe they're cousins.

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