Image Description: A spoof romance book cover for "Romance & Such" with Mob Psycho 100's Reigen and Serizawa. Reigen rests his flat palm on his desk and holds the other against his hip while he smiles up at Serizawa, blushing and sweating, While Serizawa smiles back down at Reigen sweetly, his knuckles reaching out to brush Reigen's. The background is pink and glowing with sparkles. End ID.

Romance & Such

fanart for Mob Psycho 100, NivĂ´se CCXXXI, digital.

It's like an office romance in here!


A doodle of Reigen and Serizawa in the same poses as the main image; they both blush furiously with silly wide smiles, averting their eyes from each other, while their brushing hands radiates with glow lines. In the foreground, Dimple looks absolutely fed up.

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