Image Description: 6 bust fanarts in a limited palette of olive green, bright coral pink, pale yellow-beige, blond-tan, and dark purple and navy blue. In order they are: Gil Jourdan, a suit-wearing oval-faced man with slicked back straight hair, a straight rounded nose, light freckles and a stern affect. Kyrie Ushiromiya, a middle-aged asian woman with a heart shaped face, short white hair, and dark suit, with a lavender dress shirt; her expression is pressed with scrutiny or concern. Teru Hanazawa, an asian teen boy in his school uniform and with a high haystack wig piling above his head; he smiles and gives the viewer a pleased look, doing a backwards peace sign.

The bottom row has: B.J. Blazkowicz, a pale man with his blond hair cropped close, with 2 scars by his temple ; his jaw is heavyset and he frowns. Wayne has been humanized as a black man with a rounded face and tired affect, open-mouthed frown included, and his long blond-dyed locs are wrapped into large horns, creating a crescent out of his head. Seccotine, a pale and freckled woman with a diamond-shaped face, her blond hair wrapped in a white haircloth and pulled back in a high ponytail; she gives the viewer a proud smile. End ID.

Six Faces, Six Fanarts

fanart for Gil Jourdan, Umineko: When They Cry, Mob Psycho 100, Wolfenstein, Hylics, and Spirou et Fantastio; Nivôse CCXXXI, digital.

The characters were suggested by friends of mine. They're a bit of an eclectic group.

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