Image Description: A black and white digitally-lined drawing of two people, dancing on the seashore. In their flowing wraps of cloth Nílutai elegantly twirls, sending an arm out amidst swirling lines, and stretching a foot outside of the frame. Eyes closed, they hold the hand of Xandrua, whose dotted scarifications swirl across their arms, and who turns their head around to smile softly. Behind them stretches out the ocean, and a distant volcano against the horizon. A semicircular panel, with the three moons on its border, above the scene shows a dagger spearing a centipede against mountains behind which the sun rises. End ID.

The Poet

for Menoyukh'al, Floréal CCXXXI, digital.

I've been having some bad pain flare-ups recently, but not drawing makes me want to chew glass, so this is something that I finished fairly quickly. Also, this is something of an experiment with the fluidity of my posing and lines.

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