Image Description: A full-body reference sheet of fraternal twins Pava and Isolia Alle'manne in varying levels of dress: underdress and fully dressed. Pava is a young man with brown skin, chin-length wavy dark hair pulled back in a ponytail but still coming down to frame his face, and bad posture. His face is oval-shaped, dotted with a multitude of moles, and he has a long acquiline nose. He looks at the viewer unimpressedly and crosses his arms. His underdress is a long white shirt with pockets tied around at the natural waist, with reddish skintight leggings, knee braces, and dark shoes covered in button-up spats; over that he wears a green robe with dark metallic-red trimming that is buttoned at his right shoulder, along with a white neckerchief tied in a bow and orange embroidery on its tasseled end.

Isolia looks similar to her brother, but with a straight posture, slightly more rounded face, and broader nose. Her hair comes down to her collarbone in twin braids, and she smiles almost deviously, showing gapped teeth. She wears similar underdress as her brother (without knee braces, though), but with a necklace with a hair-and-wood pendant; her robe is a rich yellow with blue-dark trimming, and over that she wears a dark green cowl with orange trim. End ID.


for Adravezia; NivĂ´se CCXXXI, digital.

Just some conceptualizing for these two's general physical look. Pava is sedate and wholly uninterested in things outside of his particular interest, his family's trade of hairweaving, while Isolia is excitable and interested in many things, but cannot find one thing to maintain focus in.

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