Image Description: A digital painting swathed in a chiaroscuro of deep blues and purples, and low golden light. Within a circle of its own light sits a candle and its bright flame, by which an old Adso of Melk writes his manuscript, solemn as he looks back at the viewer behind his glasses. Below the candle looms the vague shadow of the monastery, and out of the circle of light emits winding paths not unlike that of a labyrinth's. Two panels at the bottom of the composition show a young Adso and his master William, in tears and panic, watching unseen flames, and below that a gentler but murkier scene, where William affectionately places his hand at Adso's neck. End ID.

The Silent Divinity

fanart for The Name of the Rose, Floréal CCXXXI, digital.

I shall be in the simple foundation, in the silent desert where diversity is never seen, in the privacy where no one finds himself in his proper place. I shall fall into the silent and uninhabited divinity where there is no work and no image.

This one's a bit odd, not necessarily in its subject but how I carried it out. It just feels a little odd to me; not in the least because soon after I started it I had a bout of some nasty chronic pain, including in my hands, which dragged out me finishing this to a very, very slow pace. I always hate when an artwork exists in limbo or development hell like that. Maybe that's why it's not been subject to the level of hysterical tinkering that I usually put my paintings through, but maybe that's helping rather than hindering it. What would I know, I'm the artist, I just work here.

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