Image Description: A mimic manuscript page, with a scene framed by a deep red border of curling yellow leaves twining with rows of small dots. Upon a beach, the blue ocean and distant island stretching out underneath a pink-cloudy sky, a procession makes their way towards a large dark lump of whale-flesh, a large, slitted wound dripping blood upon it. Five people of a mix of ethnicities walk as a crowd: Iyajarminet in their blue pinstripes bearing their scarifications, a tattoo'd Agatin'ei holding a pomander on beads, a horned seal in human form, holding their second skin to them, and an Abisekhet wrapped in patterned cloth. In the front, an Iyajarmin monk wrapped in blue striped cloth, strung-together slabs hanging around their shoulders, holds a dead three-eyed fish in one hand and swings some plant fronds in another, sprinkling water onto the wound. End ID.

A Monk Gives the Corpse of the Whale its Proper Honor

for Menoyukh'al, Ventôse CCXXXI, digital.

Another one of those mimic manuscript pages. Took a different set of inspirations this time.

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