1. Novice

Image description: Flat digital art of Adso of Melk as the tarot card of the fool. He has a blank smile on his face as he reaches forward out of the card, a rose pinched in his other hand. The landscape of the forest and slopes is abstracted behind him, with the sun beaming overhead. The card is framed by rose cuttings. End ID.

2. Topsy-turvy

Image description: Digital art in flat, non-literal colors of green, magenta, orange, blue, and cream. Curves twist and loop, vinelike, creating various panels. In one, the earth is above the sky, the steeple of a chapel creating a sparkle on the horizon. In the sky, a monk falls downwards/upwards. Next to that, Adelmo of Otranto and Berengar of Arundel embrace, with floral motifs curling around them. Above them, strange marginalia creatures (snails, mermaids, horned fish, blemmyes) twist; below them, an unseen body has splattered blood onto pale snow. End ID.

3. Detective

Image description: A bust of William of Baskerville. He is a thin-faced middle aged man with messy, blond hair in a tonsure, and a long aquiline nose. He is tilting his head to the side to adjust his pince-nez lenses, an elusive smile on his face, as he looks to the side with one eye visible behind the lens shine. His face and hand are rendered painterly, but his habit billows out around him in an abstract wave. The background is blue with cream circles of varying sizes merging with each other. Out of one comes the silhouette of an angel, who blows a horn into his ear. End ID.

The Name of the Rose November Days 1, 2, & 3

fanart for The Name of the Rose, Brumaire CCXXXII, digital.

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