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very good website, i appreciate the usage of the french republican calendar as a Super Nerd


Thank you very much! I have a fondness for the Republican calendar, have for many years.

Honorable mention to dear Jude for using the Republican calendar and thus inspiring me to use it myself. I already liked it, so why not...? I do not regret it.


Your work, all of it, is simply incredible. I want your personal touch of maximalist fantasia smeared in every corner of my life... Newt for architect-emperor of the world NOW


My good Henry! Thank you very much! I love the phrase maximalist fantasia... it feels very apt.

I'm not sure how well I would do as emperor, with my personal qualms regarding emperors, but architect I can try to do. And I appreciate the sentiment very much! Much love.


Hello - I've been watching your website grow for quite some time, so I'm thrilled that I can leave you a proper message now!

I love how you've decorated the place. It's so creative and fun, and I may have yoinked the idea of using public domain art on my website from you. And your art - the colors and textures are so, for lack of a better word, delicious. I wish I could say something more composed and eloquent about it, but I'm bad at that, so know delicious is a very high compliment.

As always, I look forward to seeing more of what you make!


Thank you very much! Public domain art is a great source for beautiful and fascinating images, and I believe speaks to the message of a more public and friendly internet that many on Neocities support.

I am glad my art is delicious to you, hah! I will take the compliment gladly. I'm doing my best to always be expanding the menu, creating more, striving for improvement. Have a good day and bon voyage!


stumbled across your site on the yesterweb ring - your work is beautiful! i've seen your art on tumblr every now and then, i love the way you draw people and your use of rich colors and strong compositions. definitely going to be following your work more now!

i particularly liked your essay about the "need to be good at art" - i had major burnout this year from fretting about my worth as an artist, and a lot of your words really resonated with me

have a good day!


Your words are very kind! I am glad that my work is beautiful to you and that my essay touched you. You're not the first one to say that those words resonated, which I am glad for, but also it is both frustrating and sad that issues regarding self-esteem are so common among artists. Burnout is incredibly difficult to deal with, and I myself have a long way to go regarding my own regard for my work.

I have considered on occasion writing a (likely more personal) follow-up to it; the way society values art, and the way that wider thought trickles down to affect artists, is a realm that I have many thoughts and opinions on.

Art is always a noble thing to pursue, I wish you the best of luck on recovering from burnout. Continuing to create art always has worth.


To The Proprieter,

I walk past your garden occasionally by the footpath and I wanted to compliment you on your ornamented gate. But I'm afraid some of the roses are spilling onto the walkway, could you ask your grounds keeper to trim them a bit?

(A good natured comment by a distant admirer. You have no obligation to trim any real or perceived overgrown flower beds.)


I thank you! I am quite picky regarding the various minutae that come under my focus, even the gate, which was not built for a long time. The reason being that, in that extraordinary pickiness, I searched my contacts and knowledge for a very long time to find just the right craftsman for the job of creating it. Leave it unable to close! I said to him: land is a thing no one can be kept from. But I wished the gate to communicate: all you must do is maintain respect.

Regarding the roses, they are not kept by any grounds keeper but reach out and retract their selves at their own will. Perhaps they are simply curious about you! If they are spilling out enough to be a tripping or slipping hazard for you, ask them politely to move and they should do so. If not, just let me know and I shall give them a word. My apologies if they have given you any concern.


From Newt to himself,

This is a test to make sure Hermes is not tripping himself somewhere along the way.


Et voilĂ ! Fantastic! Glad to see that it works.


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