“Oh thank god,” Cormac says as they enter the ship's interior. He shucks off his coat and places it on the coat rack.

“If it was today I wouldn’t be able to act worth shit.” He laughs. “Our ruse would be up deadly quick!”

Irving laughs along with him. It is still unguarded. Cormac thinks that he is going to hate hearing Irving’s smoothed over, perfect laugh when among the high society of the party.

“Go rest, my dear,” Irving says with a kind smile, reaching out to grasp Cormac’s shoulder firmly, and once again reminding Cormac why he would do anything for them. “I’ll tell you the plan when you wake.”

Cormac grins unevenly. “Wake me up before I’m unconscious for over twelve hours.”

“No can do,” says Irving easily in response, “with all due respect, my dear, you sleep like the dead.”