Chiyo huffs, pulling herself up just a little bit more onto the rock before shifting her palms over to sit on it. She gazes out over the rock and ice.

From where she is, the buildings of the city are merely dots on the horizon, with the outer stretches extending opposite her into the distance. Where she had hiked, however, there are still tall, piercing rocks. Not very good for building unless one was a particularly ambitious architect.

Something flashes across the ice and steppe.

Chiyo immediately straightens, eyes squinting. From her forehead she pulls down a thick pair of metal goggles over her eyes, clicking the magnifiers to cover her right eye. She peers through it.

A ship flies extremely low, almost kissing the earth. Small, for someone in the capital, but which seems to be well kept. She watches, eyes twitching nervously, watching as the ship makes its way across the landscape and into a cave.

She gets up.