“I see.”

“No you don’t, your eyes are closed.”

The ache in his head seems to intensify upon hearing those words. Cormac lets out a deep sigh.

Cormac's vision is ever so slightly clearer than how it was earlier. Above him, Irving looks quite content, with a dress similar to that of this fine lady:

Cormac asks: “What’s the occasion?”

A bright grin brightens Irving’s face even more. “The very one I called you here to Earth for!”

Like a shattering pane of glass, Cormac’s expression morphs into one of severe annoyance, as if the problem had fled his mind until this very moment. “I thought you needed me for an emergency, not a goddamned party.”

“It’s not just a goddamned party, my dear Cormac!”

“Then what would it be?”

Irving smiles, almost wicked.

“It’s a party with the rich, illustrious Queen of Jupiter. And-” Irving smiles to lean in, crowding into Cormac's space. Cormac winces, but is too tired to recoil. "-Her jewels are so beautiful, my dear. Have you seen them?”

Cormac shakes his head in dissent, something he immediately regrets as his head’s pounding flares up incessantly.

Irving chuckles a little. “Well. They’re so, so damn beautiful. And I want them.”