Chiyo is a funny woman. She looks something like this:

Or maybe this:

Perhaps even this:

But that aside, what is more important is that though the marketplace is crowded, Chiyo feels very, very alone.

Perhaps it is the fact that she is not of Earth. It’s the first time she’s ever been this side of the system, in fact. But before she left her home, she had made thorough preparations, trying to get the accurate clothes and working to disguise her accent, even if just a little.

Though her heart seizes with anxiety, she tries her best to copy what the others around her are doing. To try and be a polite, upstanding woman of Earth. She hopes she is succeeding.

The newspapers she sees all speak of the Queen of Jupiter throwing a great ball right on Earth. It’s the first major visit from any of Jupiter’s royalty in ages. Everyone’s excited for their own set of reasons.

Chiyo is not interested in politics. She is not interested in dancing. She is not interested in spectacle. She is interested in jewels.