Somewhere, between the sea and the mountains, lies a weird little town filled with weird little people. Through the eyes of journalists Kaoru Ueda and Jan Eriksen and their friends, follow the lives and going-ons of the magic and gods and love and weirdness of the town.

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How I Got This Scar

In which Sergeant Stephens of the Union army details an unfortunate incident.

Part of the Peculiar Life of Sergeant Stephens, a little side thing in the K&J universe but during the Civil War.

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Two People in a Train Car Across the Countryside

"Hey," Dr. Herschel said, their old black brogues firmly planted on the softly rumbling floor of the train car. Their voice held no indignance, only mild amusement. "You're in my spot."

A 2832 word short story about mistakes, relationships with family, and a conversation between a magical doctor and a college dropout. Read it here!

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