This is one of the first arts that really made me grow into the Kaoru & Jan world. We've got the Nevalainens - the wife and wife detective team - at the office (with Kielo's slacker younger brother Santeri hanging out outside) and then the titular Kaoru and Jan themselves. I really wanted to emphasize the little details in these. (And all those details contributes to the absolutely fucking gigantic image description)

Image description: Two complementary digital art pieces of my original characters. The picture on the left depicts Kielo and Agnes Nevalainen, two detectives, in their office. The picture on the right depicts Jan Eriksen and Kaoru Ueda, two newspaper journalists, in their own office.

The picture on the left is in a deep purple and pink color palette. Agnes Nevalainen is a light-skinned woman with brown hair, a round face, long nose, and glasses. She is wearing a black vest, a puffy white dress shirt with the collar popped, and a loose black tie. She is sitting down in a chair behind a table, and is talking to an off-screen client with a professional facial expression. Her right arm is gesturing in the air, and her left arm is resting on the table, right above a newspaper. On the newspaper, there is a headline reading “Missing Dragons Found” and also a crossword puzzle filled out halfway through. Also on the desk are a red rotary phone with strips of paper placed underneath, and a stack of paper and manila file folders. Hovering in the air is a scrambled Rubix cube, with a magic aura around it. Standing up behind Agnes is her wife Kielo, a freckled, dark-skinned woman with sharp cheekbones, light grey hair, and a toothpick in her mouth. She has a stern look on her face. She is wearing a pink dress shirt with the collar down but with the top two buttons loose, a black tie, and a dark brown blazer.

In the background, there is a dark brown and gold grandfather clock, along with a large window. Under the window there is a bookshelf with various detective books on it including “Gil Jourdan,” “Sherlock Holmes,” and “The Big Sleep,” and some file folders. Outside the window, there is a dark purple sunset sky with bright pink clouds, and the silhouette of city buildings can be seen. On the window, there is text that reads “Nevalainen & Nevalainen Private Detectives” and right outside there is Kielo’s brother, Santeri Nevalainen, looking in with a vaguely panicked look on his face. He is eating a sandwich.

The picture on the right is in a light orange and yellow color palette. Kaoru Ueda is sitting down in front of a typewriter. They are a Japanese individual with messy shoulder-length black hair and a pensive look on their face. They are wearing a bright yellow collared shirt with floral decorations on the collar, and a rich green sweater with a magenta collar. Leaning on a table behind Kaoru is Jan Eriksen. He is a light skinned heavyset man with a large hooked nose, blue eyes with runes instead of pupils, and short wavy blonde hair. He is wearing a white binder, a brown and orange plaid collared shirt that is halfway unbuttoned and with the sleeves rolled up, and a lime green vest. He is saying something to Kaoru, and is drinking from a white mug, with a decoration remniscient of Kieth Haring’s “Barking Dogs” that is floating in the air. A tea tag is coming out of the mug, and runes can be seen written on it.

To our left side of Jan there are a multitude of plants on shelves and in a terrarium hanging from the ceiling. Next to those plants is a small window with an orange curtain with a green spill on it of some kind. On the other wall are a lot of posters, along with a large corkboard. On that wall there is an aloe vera plant on a shelf, a crosstitch of a bucking cowboy, a large protection galdrastafir, a Japanese poster for “A Fistful of Dollars,” a file folder with a childishly drawn beach painted on, and another poster that partially reads “Ballad of the salt sea.” On the corkboard is a poster titled “List of well known malicious runes,” a newspaper clipping that reads “Illegal soul trafficking ring exposed,” a card that reads “Centaur racing,” another card that reads “Coastal dragon festival,” a button that reads “Magician art festival,” the Nevalainen’s business card, a button with a smiley face on it, a photograph of the ocean, a map of the town, a newspaper clipping that is partially cut off, but “Rumors,” “Accuse,” and “-der” can be read, and finally a poster that is partially cut off, but a “K” and “S” can be read. END ID