In which nurse Ada Hayes overhears rumors that are whispered around Sergeant Stephens of the Union army. A part of the little Sergeant Stephens sequence of side content, in the same universe as the little town just in a different time.

I made this little comic on a whim because I wanted to mess around with both bright colors and unusual comic layouts (because, if you can't tell, I'm usually pretty conservative with my comic layouts). Also, I know I shouldn't draw Ada with her hair down, but I forgot about that, haha. Maybe I'll fix it eventually.

(They may be rumors, but... who's to say they may not be too far off the mark...?)

Image description:

Soldier: It's true! He always has one, and never runs out. Even on the battlefield.

He thinks back to one such instance on the battlefield. He and the Sergeant Stephens in question lay in the mud and grass. The unnamed soldier lays on his side, bleeding from his forehead and scalp as he speaks to Stephens. Stephens is a Black man with a long, vertical scar down the left side of his face. He is laying on his back, bleeding from his nose and back of his head, a hand holding a cigarette. He talks to the soldier, if slightly more unimpressed than the other man.

Ada moves on, making her way slowly through the camp. As she walks, she jolts when another soldier, a small, round little man, calls out to her. He lays in the grass.

Soldier: Hey! Haven't you heard?