In which nurse Ada Hayes overhears rumors that are whispered around Sergeant Stephens of the Union army. A part of the little Sergeant Stephens sequence of side content, in the same universe as the little town just in a different time.

I made this little comic on a whim because I wanted to mess around with both bright colors and unusual comic layouts (because, if you can't tell, I'm usually pretty conservative with my comic layouts). Also, I know I shouldn't draw Ada with her hair down, but I forgot about that, haha. Maybe I'll fix it eventually.

(They may be rumors, but... who's to say they may not be too far off the mark...?)

Image description: Visions of Stephens, bathed in fire, can bee seen amongst the soldier's words.

Soldier: It's said that he burned down a reb prison camp. That's how he got his scar.

Ada bursts out a dismissive laugh.

Later, Ada tends to a patient who bleeds out of their eyes, now covered tight with bandages. The patient's bleeding hands scrabble weakly at her sleeve.

Patient: Nurse... Someone told me... Stephens... He-

The patient breaks off to laugh a bit.

Patient: He died.