This is a little piece featuring my guy Sergeant Stephens. This is another simple illustration I pretty much did on a whim because I needed a break from the other stuff I was doing. I based it off of the work of Joseph Alanen and his whole pattern thing that he has going - it ended up not turning out anything like what he does (partially because I got impatient with said patterns) but I still quite like it!

Image description: Digital art with mostly flat colors punctured by patterns of lines. It is a waist up picture of Sergeant Stephens, a Black man in Union uniform reaching his arm out and obscuring half his face. The one eye that is visible is open, wide and terrified, and fire erupts from the scar down his cheek, out from his back, and from his fingertips. The background is a dark magenta, with orange swirls and arrays of lines - like concentric but not quite. The entire color palette is warm, with oranges and reds, and is sometimes harsh. END ID