First week of these little funnies!

Image description: Seven black and white one-panel gag comics.

Jan, smiling, bandages around the head of an also-smiling Kaoru, whose thick black hair is smoking and smoldering. Jan says to Kaoru: "Please think twice before you do something like eat fire head lilies again... No, I don't care if Ichabod said that they're technically edible."

Kaoru and Jan stand side by side at a lake in the park. A couple of ducks await incoming food from the two by the edge of the water. However, so does a little mermaid, who points at her mouth. She says: "Can you try and land it in my mouth? Wet bread tastes awful."

Jan looks up at a bloody spectral ghost hovering between him and a very tall library bookshelf. He points at them and says: "Excuse me, can you grab a book that's up there for me?"

Cecilia listens inquisitively as her friend, Danai, a centaur, explains as she rests the human part of her body on a hammock put between her apartment walls. Danai says: "I basically just lay my torso down on this while I sleep. Like this. It helps tremendously with my back pain."

Kaoru, a hand on their hip, chats relaxedly into a sticker-leaden payphone. They say to Jan, who's on the other side of the phone: "So, turns out my blind date was literally a blind date. She said that if I looked at her I'd turn to stone! Cool right?"

The wife and wife detective team Agnes and Kielo stand in an alleyway, looking down at a corpse on the ground. Kielo, miffed, looks over at her wife and says: "Agnes, darling, don't just ask a soul if it's 'still in there,' that's rude."

Kaoru in overalls points at a copy machine at the newspaper office and looks at their coworker Peder, who is resting his hand on the outside of the comic panel and looking down to read the caption, which has Kaoru say "Hey Peder, when you're done reading whatever you're looking at, can you help me use the copy machine?" END ID