Next six little funnies!

Image description: Six black and white one-panel gag comics.

Jan bends down, looking at a group of jubilant little skeletons that dance atop a spinning record. An employee at "West records" says tiredly to him: "Sir, I'm going to have to ask you to leave. The store closes in 5 minutes."

Santeri Nevalainen, a gaunt, freckled guy, sits under a tall beach boardwalk table with an overflowing bin of french fries, glaring at a seagull. He says: "I'll give you some fries as long as you promise me that you and your friends will keep the sky clear for the next few hours. My sister and her wife are having a volleyball match with some friends."

Jan and Kaoru walk along the sidewalk under sunny skies. Kaoru cackles loudly, putting a hand over their face, and Jan stares ahead much in the same way one does when someone makes a bad joke, his umbrella opened above his head and pouring cold rain onto him. Kaoru laughs: "HA! I told you it was going to rain today!"

Kielo holds a beach ball and looks incredulously at her friend Jan, in beachware, resting a black umbrella over his shoulder. Jan smiles and says: "I know black is a bit dreary for today, but my sword, they just refuse to take any form other than a BLACK umbrella."

Peder, in a bit of a panic, tries to escape from the boundaries that the comic panel is holding him in, while Harald, a travelling salesman with huge backpacks filled with instruments and other miscellany, chases him and shouts: "Wait up! I'm offering you a huge deal, trust me!"

Kaoru and Jan and their botanist friend Ichabod are hiking upon the eyebrow ridge of the giant's mountain. Ichabod waves Kaoru and Jan over, gesturing excitedly at flowers with little sleeping human faces. He excitedly bursts out: "Kaoru! Jan! Look at these flowers!" END ID