The last four little funnies!

Image description: Four black and white one-panel gag comics.

Cecilia pats her girlfriend Sonia on the arm. Sonia grins back, holding a guitar in one hand. Brilliant flowers of many types sprout from her arms. Cecilia tells her: "I love the flowers, babe! You must've been playing a lot!"

Kaoru and Jan bike side by side across rolling grasses. Kaoru sits atop a steel bike, and they glance, impressed, over at the bike of a smug Jan, a bike made of various foods like pretzels and baguettes and cheese wheels. They tell him: "I see you brought lunch."

A baffled Jan bounces down a two way street like a human basketball while a flustered Kaoru chases him via the sidewalk. They yell over at him: "Come on, Jan! Look both ways before you cross the street!"

Jan and Kaoru are fishing together, though Kaoru seems to have caught much more fish than Jan. Jan sees this, and gapes at them as they smirk, saying: "Gods of Asgard, you caught another one?! What's your secret? A longer line? Better bait? Ebisu's help?" END ID