Deutsche Grammophon don't sue me please

Aaaanyways I love old Deutsche Grammophon record covers, with the big old garish yellow label and some kind of pretty picture on the rest of it. I especially love it when they include some sort of painting. It's great. And Sifiso is an in-universe conductor! Crazy how these things work out. (It did not 'work out.' it was intentional)

Also I hope the German isn't wrong...? I asked a friend but y'know, mistakes happen

Image description: A square record sleeve. It has a painted picture and on the top is the vintage yellow Deutsche Grammophon label style. On the label it reads "SYMPHONIE NR. 1 »DIE HIMMLISCHE SONNE«" and "CELLOKONZERT NR. 1 UND 2" and "MAGISCHER PHILHARMONIKER - SIFISO ZHAO". The picture is in a color palette of bright orange, magenta, and purple. Shadowed in purple is Sifiso Zhao wildly conducting an orchestra. Above them the sun rises, sweeping light over them and radiating out like it was exploding. END ID