Want to discover some cool media? Well I've got just the thing for you! This page! Below there is a bunch of media I like or have liked, and you can pick different qualities you are into to narrow it down.

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Les Tuniques Bleues

Raoul Cauvin & Willy Lambil

Bickering Civil War soldiers Sergeant Chesterfield and Corporal Blutch get into hijinks.

Personal thoughts: One of my favorite things in general! Better Civil War content than a lot of American-made stuff about it. I adore the two main characters they're so stupid <3

Corto Maltese

Hugo Pratt

The surreal tales of the sailor Corto Maltese in the early 20th century.

Personal thoughts: How the hell does Hugo Pratt draw almost literal blobs and splatters on a page and it still be, like, decipherable artwork. His power scares me. Also Corto is a bisexual icon

Tiger, Tiger


A lady steals her brother's identity as ship captain to persue her passion: the study of sea sponges!

Personal thoughts: I adore this! All the characters are entertaining and have good chemistry, and the worldbuilding and aesthetics are just wonderful!

Hollow Knight

Team Cherry

As the enigmatic Knight, descend into the cavernous ruins of an ancient kingdom of bugs, and the survivors clinging within.

Personal thoughts: Incredibly moody, incredibly creative, and incredibly lonely with fascinating and subtle lore-telling.


Ice-pick Lodge

Three healers come to a strange town in the steppe right as a terrible plague breaks out.

Personal thoughts: SO fucking weird, I love it, and there's so much interesting things you could talk about in it. I could talk about the meaning(TM) of things in here for ages like a pretentious academic. That being said, fuck the head writer of IPL.


P.G. Wodehouse

The lovely Bertie Wooster details the hijinks of him and his valet Reginald Jeeves.

Personal thoughts: P.G. Wodehouse has some of the funniest prose style, I swear. My personal favorite line: "I mixed myself a beaker, while Gussie, a glutton for punishment, stared at himself in the mirror."

The Noise of Time

Julian Barnes

Composer Dmitri Shostakovich thinks upon his life in three ruinous moments.

Personal thoughts: Fast-paced and anxious, and a retelling of the life of one of my favorite composers! Can't go wrong here.

Disco Elysium


Amnesiac cop Harry Du Bois and the voices in his head versus a strange world and a strange murder.

Personal thoughts: "The limbed and headed machine of pain and undignified suffering is firing up again. It wants to walk the desert. Hurting. Longing. Dancing to disco music"... honestly some of the best prose I've ever read is tucked away behind skill checks in here.



A record of various Shinto stories, legends, and other accounts.

Personal thoughts: Not sure which translation is my favorite, but if you like myths then you can't go wrong here.

Gaston Lagaffe

André Franquin

Tiny strips detailing the shenanigans of shenanigan-prone office worker Gaston Lagaffe.

Personal thoughts:These strips are often no longer than a page or half a page. Genuinely funny, with wonderful, dynamic artwork (of the Marcinelle school, as opposed to Hergé's ligne claire) from Franquin.

The Little World of Don Camillo

Giovanni Guareschi

Little stories detailing the rivalry between communist mayor Peppone and the local priest Don Camillo, in a small town in rural Italy.

Personal thoughts: The vitriolic best buds situation with Peppone and Don Camillo is so entertaining, and the stories range from pure comedy to melancholic, all with a coziness about it.


W.G. Sebald

Two men meet across the years and deeply discuss architecture, childhood, and the crushing lonliness of diaspora.

Personal thoughts: I personally love an overly pedantic narrator, but if you can handle a book that does not use paragraphs, this book has some of the most creative and wonderful descriptions of architecture I've seen. Also the emotions discussed in here hit close to home for me.


From Software

In Yharnam, city of blood ministration, it's the night of the hunt, and the good hunter must end the nightmare.

Personal thoughts: A perfectly normal gothic horror, nothing Lovecraftian to see here... :) Adore the visuals and motifs so much! Augh! Blood! Eyes! Fuck yeah! Also the music! I am not immune to bombastic orchestral music!

Symphony for the City of the Dead

M.T. Anderson

A nonfiction telling of the creation of Shostakovich's Leningrad symphony, the circumstances around it, and its effect on the Leningrad people and the world.

Personal thoughts: Incredibly gripping for nonfiction work, and extremely interesting too. Music means so much to people and can have a wider effect than one may think, even on something like war.

Crime and Punishment

Fyodor Dostoyevsky

Law school dropout and incredibly poor Rodion Raskolnikov goes to desperate measures, and faces his own psychological consequences.

Personal thoughts: You've probably heard of this one. Raskolnikov hating himself for not being a great man despite being a good one will never let me go.

Whatever Happened to Corporal Cuckoo

Gerald Kersh

On a boat to New York after the end of WWII, a young reporter stumbles across the most peculiar soldier.

Personal thoughts: One of my personal favorite short stories, you can find it online easily. Kinda long for a short story, and it builds slowly, but I love it a lot.

Adèle Blanc-Sec

Jacques Tardi

Fierce reporter Adèle Blanc-Sec scours her way through Paris in these gaslamp fantasy mysteries.

Personal thoughts: You like that kind of aesthetic of 'steampunk but slightly to the left' ? That's gaslamp fantasy. The aesthetic here is impeccable, and Tardi's unique spin on ligne claire is lovely.



Young acrobat and psychic Razputin Aquato escapes to psychic summer camp, and ends up entangled in some suspicious business.

Personal thoughts: A classic platformer. I love the art direction here, and some of the concepts are bonkers creative.

Gil Jourdan

Maurice Tillieux

Scruffy underground Paris detective Gil Jourdan solves mysteries and crashes his car.

Personal thoughts: This is kinda more of a 'just because I like it doesn't mean it's good' situation? I hugely prefer the earliest albums to much of the later ones, but if you like comedy-mystery then these books are a fun read.


Elias Lönnrot

Adaptations of various pre-Christian Finnish stories.

Personal thoughts: Not sure which translation is my favorite, but Finnish myths are pretty underrated compared to their Nordic neighbors, so check some out!


Clover Studio

Play as Amaterasu, sun goddess and wolf, and restore life to the world from the clutches of evil.

Personal thoughts: My favorite game as a kid! Beautiful art based off of sumi-e, and a story that still makes me really emotional despite it having some hiccups. I'd say this is what got me into mythology for life, but that was probably my dad also being into myths and telling some to me since I was a literal infant.

The Gods Themselves

Isaac Asimov

Follow three stories as communication between two worlds leads to possibly unlimited power, at a possibly deadly cost.

Personal thoughts: It's solid sci-fi, though not particularly ambitious. Has a therapeutic relatability if one thinks about the use of fossil fuels in real life.

Mon Oncle

dir. Jacques Tati

M. Hulot navigates his own life and the lives of his far richer relatives, and avoids their attempts to get him a job.

Personal thoughts: Very slow paced, but the physical comedy is fine-tuned and everywhere you look, and it's cozy all around. The teasing of all that slick, lifeless rich architecture is a bonus too.

The Crane Wife

CJ Hauser

An autobiographical account of the fallout of a toxic relationship, studying cranes, and understanding others.

Personal thoughts: I have this in the filters as a short story even though it's an article (in the Paris Review), so pardon me on that front, but this is quite well written and it touched me to read.