A Menagerie of Mysterious and Unusual Deaths

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To put it shortly, A Menagerie of Mysterious and Unusual Deaths is a gaggle of short comics, each one about the strange death of a figure from some other world. If you like worldbuilding / alternate worlds and how strange historical figures can be, then you may very well enjoy these.

Outside of the main 'theme', each comic is completely independent of all the others, and take place in their own little world. Therefore they can be read in any order-- chronologically by when I drew them, backwards, or just by picking the most interesting names from the archive-- and with any perspective. Speculation is encouraged! I just wish for you to get some level of enjoyment and fascination from these, for that means I have done my job.

I write and draw new comics as I think of them and as I find the time to, so updates may be somewhat irregular.

Thanks for reading!