A Menagerie of Mysterious and Unusual Deaths

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A scene of houses in tall grass, with grassy roofs themselves; the light is low and it is night. 'At the very crack of sunrise, on the tail end of the Revolution, the people of the sleepy town of Trulin saw hero Isolde Gore descend in flames to the ground below.' That same town as shown as the sun rises, light flaring out, with a flaming wreck streaming down into the hills below. 'She crashed in a field of Jamisaarian tulips.' A photo of her, with her aquiline nose and short cropped hair and a smirk, is shown framed by bushels of red-white striped and zig-zag leafed flowers. 'As such, Jamisaarian tulips began to be associated with her, and by extension, the Revolution as a whole.' Three scenes are shown: a tulip pinned to a coat lapel, a younger and older figure walking arm-in-arm through an endless field of tulips, and someone watering a row of three tulips. 'Jamisaarian tulips became a common sight across the countryside, unspoken words of silent memorial. You can see them everywhere even today, if you look close enough.' The scene then switches to monochrome colors; one of Gore's allies is being interviewed. First is shown an old photo of the two, arms around each other and grinning like fools. The ally, by the time of the recording, is aged and tired. 'We had no idea she'd died until over half a day later, y'know,' they say. 'How?' they're asked. 'Would you not have--' They interrupt. 'She kept talkin'! As she always did-- joking, laughing, keepin' us updated, keepin' our nerves from getting too shot.' Their younger self is shown flying, grin on their face, as they speak inaudible things to voices over the radio. 'Nothing seemed out of the ordinary at all, until her bird did not land with ours. Was that her? Or some-- something pretending to be her, haunting our radio waves?' Their younger self, oblivious, continues to smile as they are bathed in dawn light. 'I dunno. But if-- if I had known-- maybe I could've said goodbye.'

Isolde Gore

Maybe she didn't want to say goodbye?